Walking directly into the waves, Laura Wasson Warfel 

helped a Cambodian refugee family settle in the United States

moved to Phoenix when it was an electronics boom town

married a blind minister with three teenagers

lived on a one-acre spread in a hamlet

presented more than 150 seminars on grief

triumphed over cancer

learned social media as it developed and grew

told the stories of a tennis champion from Africa, an EMT on 9/11, a Secret Service agent, an aid worker in Jerusalem

The coastline of her life wasn’t mapped until she was 40 and surrendered her entire life to Jesus Christ. That's when Laura began to ride the waves of his adventures. 

Her goal: To use the gifts and strengths God has given her to help others become more than they ever think or imagine they can be. Laura does this by connecting people with other people, with valuable resources, and with the truth and direction found in God’s Word. She enthusiastically shares her expertise in writing, editing, marketing, public relations to help individuals and organizations improve their communications.

In 2002, she lost her husband Gene when he passed away from a chronic illness. After spending several years not wanting to be a widow, Laura discovered God’s dream for the next chapter of her life when she met Jon Acuff and heard him speak in 2013. As a result, she joined a group of Dreamers & Builders who have encouraged her to find her more.

Today, Laura's passion is to help one, two, three, fifty, hundreds, thousands of widows to be more than widows. Her goal is to form an army of churches and resources to provide the help widows need to survive and thrive. Along the way, she encourages everyone God sends her way to be more and do more with his/her life.