Sometimes God gives you a gift. Then he multiplies it. That's what happened when God gave me this poem. He also gave me the music through my friend Jeanie Kinsey. I share that song with you today. I pray not only for your healing, but also for the ways you will use your scars to share the love of Christ with others.

(Galatians 6:17)

Shipwrecked and shattered, alone in a cell
Paul could have cried finished
but had so much to tell.
His scars were his witness as he boldly proclaimed:
“Jesus, I love you …
Jesus, I need you …
Jesus, the world needs you, too.”

Battered and bruised, alone on the cross
When Jesus cried “Finished,”
he knew the cost.
His scars were his witness for the work he had done.
“Children, I love you …
Children, I want you …
Children, I’m calling to you.”

Hurried and hardened, out in the world
Do we cry finished
before we are through?
Are the scars we are bearing
reminders of sins?
Or are they our witness bringing glory to him?
“Jesus, we love you …
Jesus, we need you …
Jesus, we live just to glorify you!”

Scars on the outside
Scars deep within
Jesus, our Savior, healer, and friend …
Come to him now and
Let him take your sins
He'll touch your scars, your pain …
And you’ll never be the same.

Copyright © 2007 by Laura Wasson Warfel (lyrics) and Jeanie Kinsey (music)