9 Things Someone Should Have Told Me

Photo by Jenny Schoenwetter   

Photo by Jenny Schoenwetter


There are some things that someone should have told me before I got to this point in my life. Have I just been naïve or clueless? Did I miss the class on life lessons? Did I fail the entrance exam and get sent to remedial living?

Okay, maybe someone did tell me some of these things. I’ll admit it. Maybe I didn’t pay attention. Maybe I was a bit rebellious and headstrong in my younger years.

But these truths would have saved me from a ton of tension and travesty! 

So I’m offering these to you now. Just in case you might need them.

9. “Poetry doesn’t pay.” Well, at least not in dollars. Poetry does pay in beauty, self-expression, preservation of memories.

8. “Cleaning is never done.” Even if I’m rarely home, dishes still tend to pile up. The litterbox still needs to be changed. Dust still accumulates on the furniture and in the corners. And cleaning is still my responsibility.

7. “Fun gets harder to find.” How was I supposed to know that the more responsibilities I have, the less room there is for fun? But that makes the fun times even more precious.

6. “Time goes faster as you get older.” I think my Mom did tell me this, but I didn’t believe her. Now, I believe her!

5. “Not everyone will like or agree with you.” What?!? Such a shock for a “please others” person like me! But I know God never stops loving me, even when we don’t agree.

4. “Your job isn’t who you are.” Funneling all my gifts, skills, and talents into my job just depletes my personal resources. I spent some painful years learning this one. Priorities, passion, purpose are what order my life. My job is part of that but not all of that.

3. “No guy will love you like Jesus does.” My deepest apologies to the men I hurt while I was trying to learn this. Loving Jesus together with a man is the way it’s supposed to work.

2. “It’s not about you.” Thank you, Rick Warren, for being the one to wake me up on this one! Serving others and glorifying God are what it’s all about.

1. “You will become the one who places flowers on graves.” Still not sure how that one happened. How did I go from being the one who watched my Mom do that to the one who does that? And there are so many more graves now. Each important person who has passed away has left an unfillable hole in my life. I wasn’t prepared for that. I’m so thankful that Jesus bandages those wounds and fills the empty spaces.

You may be tempted to tell others things you think they need to know. Be prepared. They may ignore you, not believe you, not be ready to listen. They may just need to discover life’s truths for themselves. No matter what, keep pointing them to Jesus. He’s the way, the truth, and the life.