It's okay to grieve. No matter how recent or distant your loss. We always miss them. Some days more than others.


I like my tea with
cranberry juice
just the way
I like my grief.

You visit me
at the oddest times
prodding me with latent passion
while I’m shoveling snow
tempting me with silent talk
while I check the tire pressure on my car
singing me an old love song
while I drive hours alone
to my next destination.

You know just how to do it
with the perfect blend of
mist, mellow, and melody.

I would tell you to leave
but I know you will return again.

I would tell you I miss you
but that’s a fruitless effort.

I would tell you I love youCopy
but you might question my loyalty.

So I’m here
brewing my tea
waiting for the right time to add
a little ice
a splash of cranberry juice
a few tears
and slowly sip the day away.

Copyright © 2016 by Laura Wasson Warfel