John 3 and More

I am the God of your darkest corners.
Stop pressing your face
into the union of walls.
That is no place for you.

Come over to the window.
With unfearing fingers
pull back the lace curtains.
Let me in.

Allow the light of my salvation
to flood your soul
bathe your dark spaces
with holy healing.

I hear your invitation so often.
But then you slam the door
ignore my knocking
pretend you are not home.

Do you know I love you?
Do you know I want to live in you?
I will not be a quiet resident
concealing footsteps and voices
in carpeted furrows.

I will raise the life in you
stir you to trust
beyond your most satisfying dreams.

Just open the door.
Welcome me.
I will take care of the rest.


This was written in July 1994, 
when I gave my entire life to Jesus. 
Do you know him as your Lord and Savior? 
Make today the day that you surrender all to him.