A Widow's Psalm

Photo by Mary Ann Dare

Photo by Mary Ann Dare

Photos by Katharyn Schrader. See more of her work on  Instagram at @katyeffie  

Photos by Katharyn Schrader. See more of her work on Instagram at @katyeffie 

The Lord is my husband.
I have all that I need.
He sits down with me at the table
while I feast on his Word.
He teaches me everything I need to know.
He wraps me in the cozy quilt of his love
holding me close when the storms rage around me.
He fills up my empty spaces
with his love and grace.
He guides me on the path he wants me to take
(if I’ll let him)
and shows me the work he has for me to do.

Even when the bills are stacking up
and the refrigerator is almost empty
and the car needs new tires,
I will not be afraid.
He is my pilot, defender, provider.
He stays with me even when
I try to push him away
or deny his presence
or ignore him by staying too busy.
He builds a fortress around my home
and sends his angels to protect me.
He cares more about me
than anyone else does.
He wraps me in the softest quilt
and holds my head on his shoulder.
He stands ready to love me
no matter who I am or what I’ve done.
He invites me to his banquet table
and we eat together
with others who know what loss is like.
He honors me by working through me
to build God’s kingdom on earth.
He listens as I count my blessings
and list my troubles.
I trust in your goodness, Lord.
Your lovingkindness overflows into my life.
I want to walk with you always.
I want to meet you in your house
and live with you there.
You are the one I worship.
You are the one I love.


Copyright © 2016 by Laura Wasson Warfel

Thanks to my Bible study sisters Jean Steiber and Rosemary Heinen for challenging me to write this.