Finite Prayers to Our Infinite God, Part 1

Sometimes when I come to God, I can choke out only one sentence. He knows. He cares. He hears the cries of my heart from the paragraphs and pages of my life. How about you?

Help me_Oct17 (900x406).jpg

Lord, help me devote my finite time to serving my infinite God.

Lord, help me to take one step at a time and take all steps with you.

Lord, help me to rise up from my bed of fear and walk with you.

Forgive me_Sep17 (900x900).jpg

Forgive me, Lord, for using my troubles and trials as excuses instead of as ways to draw closer to you.

Lord, forgive me for focusing on the pebbles in my path instead of fixing my eyes on the horizon and walking confidently with you.

Lord, forgive me for letting the results of my past decisions distract me from my blessings.

Thankful_Sep17 (633x900).jpg

Lord, thank you for being my healer. Not just the healer of physical illnesses, but also the healer of mental, spiritual, financial, relational illnesses, too!

Thank you, Lord, for helping me avoid disaster and walk through the rubble with you.

Lord, sometimes I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread. Thank you for your eternal grip on the other end. Please turn that thread into the strongest cord of three strands that is only possible with you.

And sometimes our prayers are only two words.

Laura Warfel is a widow, writer, and follower of Jesus Christ. Her greatest joy is to bring others along with her on her faith journey. In 2015, because of the encouragement of the Launch Out Conference and Jon Acuff, she launched More Than A Widow on Facebook and Twitter. Today she blogs, tweets, and posts to help widows (and those who know them) find encouragement, hope, and resources for the journey. Her goal is to help all widows live beyond the label and live as more than a widow.
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