Making a list and checking it 3 or 4 times

Are you a maker of lists? Does a list help you think logically and stop panicking? Do your lists dictate your life? 

Me? I’m a haphazard list maker. Sometimes I enjoy making the list and checking off the items. Sometimes when I see everything listed, I get overwhelmed and give up. Sometimes I avoid making the list so I can avoid doing the things on it. How about you?

But sometimes I want to make a list. A list of blessings. A list of ways I have grown. A list of dreams. Those are the lists that feed my soul

Today I thought of some lists I need to make. See if these are lists you need to make, too, and what you’d put on yours. Notice that we’re talking about things here, not people. Here goes.

Things I can live without (and don’t even miss)

→ Cable TV: Who needs hundreds of channels with nothing fit to feed my mind? I certainly don’t. In fact, there was a seven-year period when I didn’t even own a TV (or a computer or smartphone)! During that time, I wrote more poetry and read more books than at any other time in my life. Just sayin’.

→ Dishwasher: With just one person dirtying the dishes, I can definitely manage without another machine in the house. And this is one sacrifice I make to live in a townhouse build in the 1940s.

→ Microwave oven: When my last microwave broke, I decided I really didn’t need that appliance to cook my food. So I eat more raw food, bake more, and do better at planning ahead for my meals. 

→ Cruise control: When driving alone, I find that not using the cruise control helps me be more alert and focused on the road. I can put up with a little foot and leg discomfort for that benefit!

→ Social media on Sundays: As I found myself getting more and more into social media, both at work and at home (and everywhere in between), I decided that I needed to take a break each week. To look up and look around instead of looking down at a screen. Now, Sunday is my day to unplug from social media and pursue other interests. On Monday mornings, my mind feels rested, alert, and ready for the hectic week ahead.

Things I don’t want to live without

→ Chocolate: Enough said. 

→ Classical Stretch exercise program: I discovered this exercise approach a couple of years ago. As a sedentary person who has to force herself to move, I can confidently say that this is one program I look forward to every day!

→ My car: I have to admit that my first year of driving was, well, eventful. But since then, I have come to rely on my car as transportation, an office space, a dining room, a sound studio, a meeting place, a storage compartment, and a definer of freedom. For each car God blesses me with, I make a promise to him that I will use my car to bless others.

→ Paper and pen: When it comes to processing information, remembering, and creating, I still prefer these tools. Call me old-fashioned. I don’t mind.  

→ Tulips: The most beautiful flowers God ever created, in my opinion! Even though their growing season is brief, I’m amazed each year by the many varieties and colors. Truly works of art. 

Things I can’t live without

→ Feline companions: Even if you’re not a cat lover, you can certainly appreciate the importance of having other beings share your living space with you. I’m blessed with the third generation now: Raven and Jet, brother and sister.

→ Bread: Enough said. 

→ Music: My life has a soundtrack, and it’s almost any kind of music ― except for opera. I love selecting just the right style and songs to enrich each day. Vocal, instrumental, live, recorded. Old favorites, new discoveries. Singing, playing, listening, sharing. Must have. 

→ Quilts and afghans made for me: Winter is my favorite season, and these treasures bring so much warmth and comfort. 

Bible (in its many forms and translations): I was 40 years old when I began really reading and studying God’s Word. Seriously. I still feel like I have so much to catch up on and learn! 

What’s the most recent list you’ve made? What’s your take on list making? Share with us here. And maybe even share one of your lists, too!