Widow Stories: No One Will Ever Know

Life as a widow can take a turn from aloneness to aloofness and audaciousness. And the only person you end up fooling is yourself.

No one will ever know if I spend the entire day reading this book.

IMG_20130730_181651 (900x900).jpg

No one will ever know if I buy too much of it and eat all of it tonight.

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No one will ever know if I drive to the outlet mall and spend too much money.

Car and mall (868x900).jpg

No one will ever know if I put it off until next week and write a poem instead.

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No one will know if I have a conversation with myself. Aloud.

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No one will ever know if I fall in love with Hawkeye Pierce (again).

Photo courtesy of Me TV

Photo courtesy of Me TV

No one will ever know if I make waffles for myself and leave the dishes until tomorrow morning.

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No one will ever know if lock the doors as soon as I get home from work on Friday and don’t open them again until Monday morning.

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No one will ever know if I sleep in the middle of the bed again.

20180508_071321 (900x506).jpg

No one will ever know if I stay up too late and get up too early.

IMG_20150731_000940 (900x900).jpg

No one will ever know if I flavor my coffee with salty tears this morning.


Yes, there is someone knows. Even if no other human knows. God knows. And cares. And keeps on loving me. And walks with me. Forever.

Now that’s truth worth knowing!

“God arms me with strength, and he makes my way perfect” (Psalm 18:32).

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Laura Warfel is a widow, writer, and follower of Jesus Christ. Her greatest joy is to bring others along with her on her faith journey. In 2015, because of the encouragement of the Launch Out Conference and Jon Acuff, she launched More Than A Widow on Facebook and Twitter. Today she blogs, tweets, and posts to help widows (and those who know them) find encouragement, hope, and resources for the journey. Her goal is to help all widows live beyond the label and live as more than a widow.

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All photos by Laura Wasson Warfel unless otherwise credited.