Why didn’t I realize it sooner? I’ll admit that it took me at least five years after my husband Gene passed away to realize that I am more than a widow.

At first, like Katie Couric and many others, I avoided the label and the topic altogether. I was living as a wife waiting for the next husband to come along. I tried to grab onto at least five men who passed through my life. None of them were good for me or pleasing to God, and I knew it. But I just kept grabbing.

Drowning in debt. Overwhelmed with housework and yardwork. Working three jobs just to try to keep all the balls up in the air.

Then the economy started diving. I was slipping down the slope of no return. 

That’s when God grabbed me. Lifted me up. Set me on a new path. Gave me my real heart’s desire. Brought me into alignment with his will and his purpose.

My life hasn’t been the same since. And I’m so glad!

If you are a widow, I invite you to be more than a widow. If you know a widow, I invite you to encourage her to live beyond the label and be more. 
It’s a process, not a destination. A mindset, not a solution. A heartbeat, not a love affair. 
I rarely give guarantees because, seriously, human beings aren’t in the guarantee business. But here is one I can give you with confidence.
I guarantee that in the process of becoming more than a widow, you will become friends with yourself and other widows. As widows, that’s the bottom line for so much of what we deal with and who we are in our lives.
Join me on this journey. And bring some friends along with you.